Shoe Review: Footminders® Catwalk

My mother, who knows foot pain well after shattering her ankle, recently had the chance to review Footminders ® Catwalk: Orthotic Insoles for High Heel Shoes, and here is what she had to say…

When I first put the shoes on with the insoles in them it was a “funny” feeling.  I could feel “a lump” under the arch of my foot.  I’m sure that’s because they do what they advertise, shift the weight off the ball of your foot onto the rest of the foot. After I wore them for a short time, I didn’t even notice the “lump” anymore.   I wore the high heeled shoes all day and have to say my feet did feel better.  No burning on the ball of my foot, or toe pain.  I have a little hammer toe problem and that was alleviated, too.  I’m thinking I need some for each of my high heeled pairs of shoes.

Footminders orthotics are available for every type of footwear, from sports shoes to casual dress shoes for both men and women and are available for purchase from

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