Shoe Review: Champion Pace Fitness

Ever since the release of fitness shoes, such as the Reebok EasyTone and Skecher Shape-Ups, I’ve been intrigued by the claims of increased muscle tone, but I’ve been too cheap to lay out $100 buckaroos to test either of them out.

So you can imagine how excited   I was to be asked to test out the new Champion Pace Fitness Athletic Shoes that Payless Shoe Source is now selling for only $34.99!

The first time I wore these shoes, I felt a tinge of vertigo as the curved sole creates a natural heel-to-toe rocking motion that encourages muscle toning by creating a slight instability. But I haven’t felt the dizziness since that first day.

I definitely feel my muscles getting a workout every time I walk in them now!   It starts in my calves and goes all the way up my thighs into my buttocks!   I believe they are only made for walking in, and not to be run in (which is fine by me).

My boyfriend, who has been leery of them from the get-go thinking they are all a marketing ploy, actually commented that I stand up straighter when I wear them!   Even last week, I asked one of the nurses at my daughter’s doctor office who was wearing them how she liked hers.   She said they got rid of her back pain and make her stand up straighter, too.   And being short, she liked that they made her appear taller!

So, they aren’t the cutest in appearance, but besides white/silver (like mine shown above), they come in light blue, they are still better looking than the Skecher Shape-ups (and way less expensive).   And who really is going to be looking at your shoes while you walk? And for $34.99 (available from the price is right, so you can’t go wrong!

Disclaimer: Payless Shoe Source sent me a pair of these shoes at no cost.   All opinions are 100% mine.