Shoe Review: Champion Pace Fitness

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Ever since the release of fitness shoes, such as the Reebok EasyTone and Skecher Shape-Ups, I’ve been intrigued by the claims of increased muscle tone, but I’ve been too cheap to lay out $100 buckaroos to test either of them out.

So you can imagine how excited   I was to be asked to test out the new Champion Pace Fitness Athletic Shoes that Payless Shoe Source is now selling for only $34.99!

The first time I wore these shoes, I felt a tinge of vertigo as the curved sole creates a natural heel-to-toe rocking motion that encourages muscle toning by creating a slight instability. But I haven’t felt the dizziness since that first day.

I definitely feel my muscles getting a workout every time I walk in them now!   It starts in my calves and goes all the way up my thighs into my buttocks!   I believe they are only made for walking in, and not to be run in (which is fine by me).

My boyfriend, who has been leery of them from the get-go thinking they are all a marketing ploy, actually commented that I stand up straighter when I wear them!   Even last week, I asked one of the nurses at my daughter’s doctor office who was wearing them how she liked hers.   She said they got rid of her back pain and make her stand up straighter, too.   And being short, she liked that they made her appear taller!

So, they aren’t the cutest in appearance, but besides white/silver (like mine shown above), they come in light blue, they are still better looking than the Skecher Shape-ups (and way less expensive).   And who really is going to be looking at your shoes while you walk? And for $34.99 (available from Payless.com) the price is right, so you can’t go wrong!

Disclaimer: Payless Shoe Source sent me a pair of these shoes at no cost.   All opinions are 100% mine.

17 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Champion Pace Fitness”

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  3. Ever since I bought these shoes I’ve loved them. You’ll notice that they are cushioned all around the shoe as well as in the sole. I found they run about a half size smaller in the toe so I bought a half size larger which was perfect. My legs do feel like they get a workout and I also stand up straighter in them 🙂

  4. I agree that the Champion Pace Fitness give my legs a workout and make me stand up straighter! Thanks for commenting Liz!

  5. I’ve been looking at the Sketchers version of this shoe and I’m glad Payless is selling them at a cheaper price. Can’t wait for Payless to open here in the Philippines. Hope they have these:)

  6. I did some looking online, and you ladies should know that they are also offering a black Pace mule that you can slide right into. It’s supposed to have the same sole, and cushioning. Just thought I would share. 🙂

  7. My friend and I went to Payless to try these shoes on. Very disapointing that they don’t carry men’s! He wanted to try the shoe BEFORE he bought it to make sure he had the right size. I can’t find them anywhere except Payless.

  8. I purchased these in hope that they would work just as well as the sketchers, I never tried the sketchers, but these shoes have given my legs a pretty good workout and do make me stand up straighter! I have always purchased sketchers because I have a job where I am constantly on my feet for at least 12 hours a day and they were the only comfortable shoes I could find. These are just as comfy and a hell of a lot cheaper!! I also like that when i am standing in one spot for any length of time I can do a heel to toe rocking motion and get an even better workout!!!

  9. I got the champion fitness shoes today, was going to get the sketchers but for around a $100, had to wait. When I saw these on payless, I couldn’t wait to get them. So, on my lunch hour, went to the payless store and found my size. Came home and went for a LONG run and walk with my dog. And I will say, these shoes had my legs WORKING, I could feel the muscles working actually with that work out pain. I am glod I got these. Dont forget to go online and do some research for a 20% coupon. I did and got mine for $39.99 over $49.99… highly recommend these shoes.

  10. These are actually on sale for $25 now.. I bought one more expensive pair of shoes and got these for $12.50, plus 20% off for a grand total of $10!!!!

  11. Just reading some of the above comments… and they do sell them in black! now at payless! Also.. im not sure about the states etc.. but currently here in Ontario, the blue pace shoes at payless are only 15$ !!! I got mine with a by 1 get 2nd 1/2 off… so I only spent 7$ .. and i LOVE these shoes !!!

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  13. Does anyone know if you can still purchase the payless Champion pace fitness? I have really bad feet and these are so great but I cannot find them anywhere?

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