As you read this, I will be in New York City attending Affiliate Summit. And chances are good that Missy Ward (co-founder of Affiliate Summit) is wearing these Born Damsel black suede slides.   How did I predict this?   First Missy tweeted “I seriously don’t know how @zappos does it. I ordered shoes late ystrday, paid for 3-day shipping; get them this morning at no extra charge.”

The conversation continued over on Facebook with other people praising Zappos as well and asking Missy what shoes she ordered.

They’re the new Born “Damsel”, which will be my “go-to” black shoes during Affiliate Summit. The most comfortable pair of heels on the planet. I own about 20 pairs of Born’s and can attest to the fact that if you want to wear heels (like I always do), these are the ones you want to be in!

What a great testimony! Maybe Born Shoes should hire Missy as their spokesperson?!

Born Damsel is also available in Petrolio Suede, Carmello Suede and Ice Suede, $130 with Free Shipping at