Shoe Review: Aerosoles Sawcy Mules

While in Las Vegas last week, I did end up wearing my Lower East Side Duffy wedge flats, but I didn’t even pack my new brown wedge flats or my new Dexter Capri flats. I also didn’t pack enough underwear!   Luckily my friend, Lori took me shopping to Ross (one of my faves) and I not only got some new undies, but I also bought some Aerosoles Sawcy Mules (in Brown, of course) for only $16.99!

I wore them with my “cowgirl” attire to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill.   They were quite comfortable and no blisters were to be had even after dancing the night away.   The vamp is up high enough that you don’t have “squish” your toes keeping them on.   The heel isn’t quite as pretty as my favorite Aerosoles mules were (now worn out).   In fact the heels are exactly like my new Aerosoles Pine Sawyer Slip-ons. But I’ll think I’ll definitely get my $17 out of them (if I didn’t already).

I presume the “Sawcy” design is discontinued as I couldn’t find it online, but I did find the next best alternative: Aerosoles Jigsaw Puzzle Shoes (shown below), available from for$39.   Sorry, I like mine better, but would still recommend these.

Update: I did find another better similar alternative, but it’s only available in Black: A2 by Aerosoles Sawcerer Dress Mules, $44.99 from Kohl’s.

[compare q=”aerosoles mules” gtm=”on” l=”6″ ct=”US” v=”grid” ft=”fetchProducts” w=”auto”][/compare]

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4 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Aerosoles Sawcy Mules

  1. Kim:
    You look hot in that picture!

    Anyway, wish I had been the one to recommend those brown mules (or put them on your feet)!

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