Shoe Garden Pot

One of my best friends, Jill spends several days a week traveling for her job. There is this store called Family Dollar that we do not have locally, and she loves to go there whenever she has the chance. Her last trip and purchase included this shoe planter. She  knows since I love shoes, have lots of shoes and work for shoes I needed this. I currently have it on my desk as I’m  not sure what I’m going to plant in it. For the time being when people ask about it, I tell them it’s my glass slipper.  

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One thought on “Shoe Garden Pot

  1. I have a fair share of shoe decor in my house, but I have to say that shoe planter is fugly! Maybe it’s because I’m not a plant person. I have no real plants in my house, and if I did, they’d be dead.

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