Shoe News: Shoe Auction Fans Help Intern Earn Christian Louboutins

Like the auction site for shoe lovers, If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit on Facebook and help their new social media intern get a first pair of her dream shoes, a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps of course.

If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit is an auction site dedicated sole-y to shoes and shoe accessories. General auction sites don’t cater to shoe lovers, and can make it difficult to shop for shoes by making them wade through all kinds of merchandise just to find stellar shoes. However, If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit is designed to enhance the sole-hunting experience, making it easier to find fabulous footwear.

Owner Ellen Simes recently hired an intern, Danielle, to help extend If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit’s presence in the social media marketplace. Danielle is poised to earn her dream pair of Louboutin shoes if she can attract 5,000 new Facebook fans. Visitors to the auction site’s blog were introduced to Danielle over a weeklong series of interview posts and now they are hearing Danielle’s voice alongside the team of regular bloggers.  Not only can people read funny stories about finding that perfect pair of high heels, or limping along when you choose the wrong ones, but they can also get information about recycling old pairs of shoes to help the global community. Simply selling shoes on the auction site is way to go green and “re-sole” shoes that are cluttering up the closet””plus it’s a great way to help another shoe lover get the pair of heels she always wanted.

Owner Ellen Simes says their Facebook promotion will allow Danielle to earn a pair of her first pair of coveted Louboutins when they hit 5,000 fans. Danielle commented “it will be a lot of work but a great experience marketing an auction site that fills a niche for the mass of shoe lovers out there.  And earning a pair of Louboutin shoes is worth it!” Danielle says she has always been attracted to the chic style of the Louboutin heel, which us known for their signature shiny, red-lacquered soles.

Ellen said the Facebook promotion is meant to be a fun event and to get people talking about their own pairs of dream shoes. As a way to share with fans how close she is to her beloved Louboutins, Danielle said, “Our Facebook page has a shoe outline and each time someone Likes the page another piece of the shoe appears and both the picture and my shoes become a reality!”

People can even make some money selling their never or rarely worn shoes in the closet. Coupon code SHOES will give readers five free listings.

If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit was born out of a mixture of frustration from owning too many shoes and the urge to have more. This great online shoe auction site now offers discount designer shoes and other footwear at great prices.

About: Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit connects online shoe sellers and shoppers through an auction site that helps sellers maximize their profits and shoppers find footwear easily and quickly.

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