Shoe Hoarding: Practical Tips to Truly Make Space in Your Closet

Shoe Hoarding: Practical Tips to Truly Make Space in Your Closet
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Shoe Hoarding: Practical Tips to Truly Make Space in Your Closet

You are already quite bored of drawing a parallel with beloved Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw and shoemania. To this day there isn’t a better way to depict such a radical relationship one can form with their footwear. But the problem rarely addressed in that show is the space needed for all those lovely shoes you’ve hoarded over time. And not to mention that throwing them over each other or squeezing them in is just going to ruin their form or scratch their surface.

If it has come to this, then it’s time to get your closet in order, and here are some tips to do it as painlessly as possible for you and your babies.  

5 Tips To Make Space In Your Closet

  1. Make a selection

Take a careful look at all your shoes and even put them on your feet. You’ll notice that some are out of fashion, while others one are slightly damaged or their soles are ruined. Throwing out the ruined ones will not only make room in your closet but also give you a great excuse to buy new shoes. Like most things, shoes have their expiration date even if you paid for them handsomely, but at least they lasted much longer than the cheap ones and they were good to your feet and fashion sense. If your shoes are in decent shape, but you plan on getting rid of them, consider selling or donating. That way you won’t feel sorry to say goodbye to them.

  1. Shoes deserve their own spot

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It’s not unusual to keep your shoes at the bottom of the closet, in the hallway, by the door, or even on the floor around the room. But when a few pairs turn into too many – that’s clutter and mess. Also, the soles of your shoes carry dirt and filth so it would be good for your health to keep them in some designated place. This all means that it’s time to build a shoe rack. It can be interesting to make your own based on some DIY instructions or buy a pre-fabricated one, but whatever you choose make sure that it provides enough space for all your shoes.

  1. Not enough space

Maybe some DIY solutions could help you with the lack of shoe space, at least until you expand. You can hang them on the wall with wire hangers, hooks and yarn. Also, try using a picture frame and glue it to the wall, you can even paint it in some colour. You can hang your stilettos and pumps this way, which will keep them clean and undamaged. Another thing you can do is switch shoes every season. For example, you can place winter shoes in separate boxes and put them in the basement, attic or super cheap storage for the season.

  1. Maybe it’s time for a shoe closet

Every woman’s dream is to have a closet full of shoes, and having a walk-in closet for them is a perfect fairy tale. But neither has to be difficult if you have enough space to build this kind of storage. Even the cost can be manageable depending on the materials and design you want, but it will certainly pay off since it is the best way to preserve your shoes and have them on perfect display. This kind of organisation will also keep your home tidy and cleaner, and all your shoes, no matter the season, at your immediate disposal.  

  1. Avoid buying so many shoes

There is one thing you can try which will take care of your problem with space and that’s to stop buying so many shoes. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds. Hoarding  shoes is the same behaviour as any compulsive shopping and new trends and models don’t help at all. The only thing stopping people from buying too many is their budget and even that is sometimes ignored. But maybe refraining from shopping from time to time is reasonable and will spare your wallet and save closet space.    

Let us conclude

It’s useless to believe that we’ll stop shopping, because as long as there is fashion and seasons, people will enjoy wearing their favourite shoes. The best thing you can do is meet yourself in the middle – make enough space for a reasonable amount of shoes, and restrain yourself from buying one model in different colours for starters. And then take it from there.

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