Sarah Jessica Parker’s Split Toe Boots

Sara Jessica Parkers

Earlier this month,  I wrote about Injinji split toes socks and asked why anyone would need them. I had mentioned  them for flip-flops, but  that was pointless as flip-flops are for hot weather wear. Well, I now see another use for them – they can be worn with these “split toe” boots as seen above on SATC’s Sarah Jessica Parker. As much as I love shoes, and I  am a fan of Sarah’s, but these Maison Martin Margiela Tabi Boots with split toes (closer look  of the $1295 boots)  are not something I’d want to wear at all.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker’s Split Toe Boots

  1. Hi Squeak! The world just keeps getting more odd every day. Okay, what about the socks inside those boots. I don’t think I’d wear the Injinji split toe socks since they are crew socks in my boots. So….you either go sockless or is there split toe hosiery some where?

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