Rocket Dog, Tennessee?

My just-turned-teen daughter is infatuated with Rocket Dog sneakers.   For some reason, though,  everytime I hear her say “Rocket Dog”, the song “Rocky Top, Tennessee” starts playing in my head.   Crazy, I tell ya.

She persuaded Grandma to buy her Rocket Dog Joint sneakersRocket Dog Axis Camo Sneakers for her birthday.   I couldn’t justify the purchase as  kids out-grow shoes so fast. But while shopping at Shoe Carnival yesterday, they had an incredible ten minute sale where I was able to get her the Rocket Dog Axis Khaki Camo sneakers for only $7.50!   They sell at Zappos for $58.95!   If they would have had my size, I would have grabbed a pair myself!

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2 thoughts on “Rocket Dog, Tennessee?

  1. I too am going to have to say that Rocket Dogs are my favorite shoes, I LOVE them! Wear them all the time. I am so jealous, I would have loved to get a pair for $7.50, congrats on the great buy!

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