Rakku Shoe Wheel: The Future of Shoe Storage

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Shoe Wheel by Rakku

Shoe fanatics everywhere have been going crazy for the new Shoe Wheel by Rakku that offers the ultimate, stylish solution for those who have enough of conventional shoe racks (aka me). And if I owned all those colors of pumps, it’d be even more cool.

The shoe wheel (looks like a rolodex to me) includes 20 expandable pockets that can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes (up to mens’ size 10.5).   The shoes are inserted into adjustable  pockets through elastic bands, which secure the shoes in place.

Want your own?   Sorry, they are sold out until the end of February.

2 thoughts on “Rakku Shoe Wheel: The Future of Shoe Storage”

  1. Pat, you’re in luck! Rakku now has a “shoe pod”…

    The Shoe Pod is putting large footed men in the comfort zone, accommodating sizes up to 14-plus.

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