Q&A: Shoe Rules?

Tribeca - Prime Factor (Brown Plaid) - Women's  I’m having shoe issues. I have recently gotten “into” shoes  more and more the past year or so, and I’m stumped. I have a few  questions…

1. How do I wear patterned shoes? I keep seeing these great plaids  and other patterns on shoes, but I’m not confident about what outfits  to wear them with, so I never buy them.   But I’d love to! Help!
2. What are the rules about wearing stockings with peep-toe pumps? I  feel that there are only so many situations when you can go with bare  feet especially for business and dressing up, but I’m not sure how to  wear hose with this style shoe. Yes hose? No hose? Match the shoes  with the hose? Help! ~Monica

Readers, what are your thoughts?!?

5 thoughts on “Q&A: Shoe Rules?

  1. Imelda says “Monica, stocking clad trotters peeking out the front of your peep is a NO NO! Despite what comes slopping down the catwalk (Prada SS08), say noz to the hoz. If they were closed toed then Imelda says match away. I love a patterned hoz with a patterned shoe, if you have the super sartorial style gene (not many of have) then a missed matched (but tonal) hoz/shoz combination is tres chic.

    Hope this helpz (sorry I couldn’t resist and I was on a roll)


  2. 1. I only wear plaid shoes with solid colored trousers. And they must be color coordinated.

    2. Personally I’ve never wore hose with any of my peep-toes. But if you must, I think they must be nude color or maybe black hose with black shoes.

  3. 1) I personally wear patterned shoes with more plain outfits, or at least some plain pants. It is easier to pull off some nicely patterned shoes with a great pattern on the shirt and some great black pants or jeans…. but be careful not to match too much!!!

    On a side note about Spring this year: Look out for those “pop art” styled shoes, bringing patterns to a new level! There are some really fun retro-inspired patterns such as the Carlos by Carlos Santana Helium

    2) On the hose/peep toe situation…. no hose unless you live in Antarctica and it is just to keep your feet cold! I can see where you could ask about different colored hose with different colored shoes… none or black is the way I go.

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