Shiekh Mellina-17G Killer Heel Pumps

Shiekh Mellina-17G

Gotta love visitor submitted questions!

Q: If you were to wear these Shiekh Mellina-17G Pumps in the streets of New York, would the cops stop you and take your shoes away ? What if you were to go thru airport security? ~Jezz

A: Good question Jezz! I guess there’s only way one to find out, and I don’t think I’ll be finding out for you! Sorry! Anyone own similiar gun-themed shoes? We know Madonna does!   Check out Madonna wearing Chanel’s Miami shoes!

If looks could kill, then you are sure to knock “˜em out with these bangers! The Mellina pump features a patent leather and intricate  alternative to the traditional  style heel. Currently available and on sale from, $35.

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