Pretty in Pink for a Buck

 © ShoeaholicsAnonymous.comI’m not only a sucker for shoes, but a sucker for clearance sales.

So, I especially love Clearance Shoes!

Aren’t these pink sandals cute? I found them while browsing our local Alco-Duckwall Store.

They were marked down to $1.00! So I had to get them.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever wear them, but how could I resist a buck!?

If anything, my girls can use them for playing dress-up.

[phpbay]pink sandals, 2[/phpbay]

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2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink for a Buck

  1. yes its true
    you have a beautifulllllllllll little feet
    ciao Kim
    if you want sand me beautifulllllll photo
    ciao ciao da Firenze

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