Prada Snake & Suede Platform Pumps

Prada started in Milan, Italy back in 1913 specializing in leather goods and grew into one of the most influential fashion houses in the 1990’s boasting millions of dollars in sales. Prada did not launch footwear for women until 1985 and now carries hundreds of luxury styles of sandals, pumps, boots and more at luxury prices, most styles ranging in the $350 – $800 price range, making appealing to celebrities.

If I had my choice of owning any Prada goods, I would love to own a “classic” Prada handbag, but I would certainly not turn down these Prada Snake & Suede Platform Pumps (shown above in Merlot / Rose Snake and available from DSW for $499.95), but alas my pocketbook disagrees on such a frivolous purchase that I couldn’t wear everyday.

While I may never be able to afford a Prada handbag either, maybe someday I can justify buying Prada sunglasses, a Prada wallet or even a Prada iPad Sleeve Case that I could get more use out of? ModaQueen sells an array of Prada products, like Prada Backpacks, Prada Cosmetic Bags, Prada iPad cases, Prada Ties and more for less than retail prices plus they also offer free shipping on all orders delivered within the United States.

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One thought on “Prada Snake & Suede Platform Pumps

  1. I have no words to Praise the fashion products of Parada. Specially Pumps shown above.

    The best thing with Prada fashion products as shown by above Snake Suede platform pumps is that they are simple but excellent in design; and their contrast colours are always remarkable.

    Moreover Parada uses two, or maximum three colours in their products. As the result of my personal experience with parada products, I can assure you that spending money to buy parada is not your expense but a investment.

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