PLEASER Sexy Red Lipstick Shaped High Heels Funny Novelty Platform Mules Shoes

Elisse entered our current Show Us Your Shoes Contest by submitting a photo of herself wearing Pleaser Lipstick Shaped High Heel Platform Mule Shoes (available from Amazon with Free Shipping):

My hubs got these for me for Valentine’s Day and I LOVE them! My “Lipstick Mules”! This was the first time I have ever hinted for a present! I found them on eBay and just HAD to have them! They are so much fun and everyone who sees them laughs and just loves them- and they are actually comfortable to walk in, too!

Elisse wearing Lipstick Mules

We have an inn in southern WV (the Elkhorn Inn & Theatre, and hubs took this photo in our dining room! And my blog is called We Live In The Country!

Thanks so much for sharing Elisse! We will check out your sites.

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