Plan Ahead: Prom Shoes for 2012

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All dressed up and you can’t go anywhere because you don’t have the shoe to match. It’s not easy finding the right shoes for your prom dresses or formal dresses. It takes a lot of time looking at different shoes to find the right pair of shoes to match your outfit.

Prom dresses are the hardest to find shoes for when you know they have to be perfect. The prom only comes around once a year and once for each grade. If you’re lucky you may get to go to several proms but there’s no way you can wear the same pair of shoes even if they are simple. What you want for your prom dresses is a pair of shoes that are stunning and goes with your dress.

It’s the same with shoes for formal dresses or cocktail dresses. The shoes have to not only match the dress but the have to be comfortable as well. It might be okay to have a pair of shoes for cocktail dresses that are flashy but uncomfortable because cocktail hour only last a few hours. Luckily shoes come in all sizes, shapes, and styles these days.

You can find a shoe color that will match just about all prom dresses. They come in all colors of the rainbow plus a few extra colors. They also have shoes in animal prints, such as leopard, zebra, and cheetah as well as flowers, polka-dots, and strips. They are a blast to wear and be very awesome in when you wear them to a dance.

Finding comfortable footwear for dresses is not easy. You’ll have to look around for a pair that’s easy to walking in as well as comfortable to dance and stand around looking great in. You may have to wear them for a while before you go to the dance or formal occasion. Wear them a few hours a day to break them in so they don’t hurt your feet when you go to the function.

Always have a back up pair of shoes for formal dresses, just in case you damage your first choice. You can use some sandpaper on the bottom of them to break in the soles so you don’t slide around on the dance floor at the prom. It won’t look or feel good if your shoes slide out from underneath you in your prom dresses.

Most shoes for formal dresses or cocktail dresses have heels but you can have flat footwear if you have floor length formal dresses. Cocktail dresses are normally short, just above the knee or a little shorter. They look best with strapped sandals with heels. They could be a little harder to walk in if you’re not used to heels. Practice walking around in your new shoes before you wears them anywhere.

Wearing ballerina slippers to the prom may make you feel like a ballerina but they don’t really go with prom dresses. Nor do they go with formal dresses or cocktail dresses. Be sure the shoes you choose for your prom dresses are appropriate.

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