Pink Gladiator Sandals

They say fads come and go every 20 years. I just remembered that I used to have a pair of pale pink gladiator sandals (only we didn’t call them gladiators) in high school, which would have been, ugh, twenty years ago.

I have a trunk full of shoes (that isn’t shown in my closet) that I no longer wear (ie my white moccasins) but can’t part with for various reasons (sentimental value, my favorites, expensive, etc), and I thought for sure I had kept those pink sandals, but I can’t find them! So I searched online and found two similar same-color styles (with the back strap) like the pair I had…

Report Julia Thong Sandal Beverly Feldman - Pristine (Pink Satin) - Footwear Pink Metallic Gladiator Strappy Flat Sandals

Report Julia Thong Sandal, $56
Beverly Feldman Pink Satin Pristine T-Strap Gladiator Style Sandals
, $145.80
Pink Metallic Gladiator Strappy Flat Sandals
, $18.99

Man, why didn’t I keep those?! Lesson Learned – Save your Shoes!
Don’t forget to enter to win free storage boxes to save them in!

P.S. I am getting rid of some of my pink sandals as I’ve never wore them.

[phpbay]gladiator sandal, 2[/phpbay]

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