Picture Perfect Shoe Storage: Collapsible Shoebox

Closet Fetish Shoe BoxesCloset Fetish Collapsible Boxes

Do you have any type of fetish? Or are you a neat freak? I tend to think neither of myself, but I do have these Closet Fetish Couture Collapsible Shoeboxes in Stiletto Red, and Kim has them in Lavender.     You simply  take a snapshot of each pair of shoes  and slide it in the frame found on the end of each box,  so they not only organize your closet space, but dress it up.

“These will be perfect in my closet” ~  Melania Trump

You can find collapsible shoe boxes for the best price on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Shoe Storage: Collapsible Shoebox

  1. I need some of these to organize all of my high heels. That is a problem I have now – I can’t see what’s in the different cubby holes, so I have to get down on my knees and look for the pair I want. This would solve my organizational problem.

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