Pamela Anderson’s Laundry Boots

Pamela Anderson doing laundry

Q: Hi, can you help me find a suede boot that I recently saw Pamela Anderson wearing  while she was doing her laundry outside her home in California?   It looks like an Ugg boot but it isn’t.   It’s super tall and big calf area, its right at the knee area and kinda slouchy looking.   This boot looks like suede but not sure…it has a big pull tab on the top of the boots…can you  help me with a brand name??? Thanks much, Debi

A: I’m presuming they are not Uggs either because 1) the only Ugg style with pull tags is the Ugg  Swell Tall, and 2) Pamela Anderson boycotted Uggs last year after learning they’re made from real sheepskin. She recommends Stella McCartney or Juicy boots, and told PEOPLE she was in the process of designing  some Ugg-alternatives for Star, her cruelty-free shoe line.   Maybe this is a beta pair? Or does anyone else have any insight?

Here are a  few faux alternatives while we wait…

Xanadoo by Sugar Flat Round Toe Boot, $72.98 from

Quiet-S by Soda Flat Suede Fold Over Boot, $41.98 from

7 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson’s Laundry Boots

  1. hi just searching for alternatives ugg boots and came across this…has anyone found out what thes boots are called…i looove them!

  2. Hey girls…I did a little research and found this…you know her website well the boots she has on the website are not the ones you see her wearing…I spoke with a rep of hers and Pam has this designer guy make her boots special…reason I know this is because I noticed a difference in the quality of the ones she is seen wearing and the ones on her website. Clearly the ones she is seen wearing are made more substantially, better quality or just constructed better…the toe area is more built up and the ones on her website are more thinner looking especially in the toe area…which in my past experience those type of boots will tend to look more worn out faster and less structured…anyway, so her rep. said her designer only makes those types of boots “like Pam actually wears” for her and for “celebs” that order from him…it’s evident the boots she markets on her website are not the same quality…I told her rep. I want a pair like pam wears and especially the really cute ones with the straps, I hope they market those and if they do, I will order both pairs….

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