Own a pair of MBTs but don’t wear them?

mbtlogo.gifHave you/do you own a pair of MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) Footwear but rarely use them? I want to hear your thoughts!

I am conducting research for a footwear project and I am reaching out to customers who have owned MBTs, but have discontinued/limited their use of the shoes to once every 6 months or less.  

Specifically I am interested in learning about why you discontinued/limited your use of your MBTs and how your expectations of MBTs differed from your experience.

If you would be willing to talk to me for ~20 minutes before Tuesday, May 1, I can offer you a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com or a donation to charity for compensation.  

If you are interested in speaking to me, please email me at footwear@parthenon.com to set up a time. ~ Katherine

One thought on “Own a pair of MBTs but don’t wear them?

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