Oprah’s Uggs are Uggly

From Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2007….


“I bet every truly dedicated Oprah watcher knows what my feet cannot live without,” Oprah says. This slouchy knit boot keeps feet comfy and cozy in three colors: black, sand and rum raisin. The UGG boot’s famous sheepskin sock lining is like walking on a cloud.

Personally, I think they look like corduroy from a distance, and corduroy went out of style a long time ago.  They look like an afghan from my grandma’s house when you look closer up, and well, that ain’t for me. But if you want to take Oprah’s word for it, I found them  for sale  from UGG Australia  ($120), Amazon ($119) and Nordstrom.com ($119.95, limit 4).

[phpbay]ugg boots, 2[/phpbay]

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