Nike Air Tri-D Run II

One would think as much as I like shoes, I would have a lot of every style,  but that is not true. I tend to lean towards something with a heel for all seasons. As for tennis shoes, I buy maybe one pair every 5 years or so.  When we were Christmas shopping, I came accross these Nike Air Tri-D Run II on sale at Scheels. I thought about it a lot, and I think the gray with a touch of pink looks good (it’s technically Metallic Zinc/Coral Chalk). I plan to break them in tonight while playing shuffle board.  In case you’re looking for a pair, I also found them on sale online at

[phpbay]nike air, 1[/phpbay]

2 thoughts on “Nike Air Tri-D Run II

  1. I also have a pair of those. Found mine at JCpenny for $54.99 on sale (originally $68.00). They feel great even from walking to full sprint. Plus they work great for marching band for practice.

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