New Shoe Checks from Check Advantage

I just used up my last box of personal shoe checks, so tonight I was on the hunt for some new shoe checks. Although I loved my Concrete Jungle Shoe Checks, I thought it was time for change. So I searched for new shoe checks, and look at these beauties that I found from Check Advantage. I love them all that I can’t decide which design to choose! Help me choose your favorite shoe check design. You can click through each image for more details, and then leave me a comment on which ones I should order.

Cartoon Shoe Shopping Checks

Shop Until You Drop!

Some may scoff when you say you love to shop. But you realize it’s just as much of a skill as it is a pleasurable pastime.

Searching for the perfect pair of shoes is something you enjoy, yes! But if it’s nothing but fun – why do so many men complain when we drag them to the mall?

This is your type of hunting. You track down bargains, and sniff out sales like a bloodhound that’s hot on the trail!

Shoe Shopping Personal Checks are perfect for savvy shoppers like you! They feature four designs of high-heeled pumps. That’s yet another painful pleasure that men will never understand!

Get your very own Shoe Shopping Personal Checks right now!

Shoe Lover Checks

  • Bound and perforated on the left edge for easy separation
  • 150 singles or 120 duplicates is considered one box
  • Each box includes 6 pads of checks, 30 deposit slips and 1 check register

So, tell me which shoe check design is your favorite?

Order your own personal shoe checks from Check Advantage now!