Naughty Monkey Open Toe Boot Camp

Could someone please explain to me the concept of an open toed boot? Maybe I’m old school, but I thought the point of boots were for winter wear and keeping your feet warm. So really how does this open toe Naughty Monkey benefit winter wear?

Naughty Monkey – Boot Camp (available in Tan, Black, Camouflage, Coral and Turquoise), $94.94 from

Get in gear for ‘Boot Camp’ with these feisty boots from Naughty Monkey. Fabric upper. Open toe. Faux buckle hardware at shaft. Partial inside zip for easy on/off. Lightly padded insole. Synthetic sole with rubber insert.

4 thoughts on “Naughty Monkey Open Toe Boot Camp

  1. I’m with you on the open-toe thing…I have a sock issue with this trend. Do you wear socks? If so, do you wear open-toe socks (do they even make these)? If not, isn’t that gross (in what other situation would anyone endorse wearing huge boots without socks)? I actually really like the look of open-toe booties but can’t seem to get past the sockless enclosed foot…I’m open to suggestions though!

  2. Other than making me smile, I want them for warmer fall/spring days and for summer nights. Might be nice if they were a soft upper, they’d be great for staying warm but keeping your feet from getting too hot.

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