Naughty Monkey Money Maker

NauI personally don’t own a pair of Naughty Monkey shoes (yet anyway), but the brand name always makes me smile.  

Then when I saw the the name is unique thong sandal named “Money Maker” I immediately thought of high class  professionals doing business and imagined some black patent pumps to pair with a nice linen suit.  

Oh no, I ended up seeing these awkward silver ankle-wrap thong flats with the caption, “Nau”ghty Monkey is calling all fashion-forward ladies! Shake your money maker in this unique thong design.”  

I can’t believe I didn’t figure that one out sooner!   And you won’t catch me doing business in these!   But if you want to, these Naughty Monkey Money Makers are available from, $59.   I did find a few pairs of Naughty Monkey shoes I do like though (and a few I think Squeak would like) so will post about them in the days ahead.

[phpbay]naughty monkey, 2[/phpbay]

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3 thoughts on “Naughty Monkey Money Maker

  1. Naughty Monkey is my absolute favorite shoe brand!!! However, I am NOT a fan of the Money Maker. I stick to their Colorful Talk pumps and Basket Case.

  2. When I saw the name Money Maker, I thought they were stripper platforms; these are more attractive…

  3. Naughty Monkey is my favorite shoe brand too! I have several different pairs and always get complimented when I wear them. I don’t like these though…..

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