Naughty Monkey Bride

Naughty Monkey Flower Child Pumps

A friend and  co-worker of mine, who also happens to be a  big supporter of Shoeaholics Anonymous  is getting married soon. I love seeing her happy and even more seeing the planning.

When she first told me she would be wearing  a black gown I about fell over.   Come to find out from the photo  the dress is  perfect and it’s not all black.

Now she has found these Flower Child Sandals from Naughty Monkey (available from  to go with the dress. I cannot wait to see the wedding announcement in the newspaper  to follow describing the bride in black with Naughty Money shoes.   Even funnier would be if she chose the Naughty Monkey  Ball and Chain pumps.

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One thought on “Naughty Monkey Bride

  1. Hi Squeak! This is the Naughty Bride. Too bad the Ball & Chain shoes aren’t quite right for the dress. My Paul (as opposed to friend Paul) would keep the joke running too! He likes to tell people my black dress is to celebrate the death of our single life.
    Thanks for the post and for helping with the flowers!

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