It’s all too common come summer time to get shoes that you think look great but turn out to be quite uncomfortable. You end up justifying your purchase, and will often

sacrifice comfort for the sake of stubborn fashion. When summer time rolls around, you can expect to do a lot more walking and a lot more standing around, which means you want to pitch those stilettos (into the closet, not the garbage) and find some shoes that fit your posture while looking good. Here are my candidates that fit this bill:

Flat shoes“”Flats are great because there are a near endless variety of them for all different shapes and sizes of feet. Additionally, they have become quite stylish recently and can be found in a wide array of looks at

Multi-colored shoes“”Multi-colored footwear always crops up in the summer because it’s just a natural time to experiment with different color patterns. Neon colors seem to be particularly in vogue this year. Start color coordinating.

Polyurethane boots“”I know, you weren’t expecting that one, were you? I’m a huge fan of these boots because they blend comfort and style like no other piece of footwear. Probably not the kind of thing you want to wear to the beach, but a perfect accompaniment to a miniskirt on a night out on the town.

Kitten heels“”These have already been discussed at length by others, but that’s for a reason. Popularized recently by first lady Michelle Obama, these heels lengthen the leg and add an element of grace to your stride. You probably either love these shoes or hate them. I tend to think they’re a good compromise for comfort and style.

Before summer officially starts you’ve got your work cut out for you. You need to find a shoe that fits you well, is comfortable, and looks great. This is a harder task than some fashionistas give it credit for. For my dollar, I’d start with the shoes listed above, which can be both stylish and comfortable. To your scattered retail shops, online carts, and thrift stores go!