Croc Accessories: CrocsButter & Turbo Straps

 Crocs Croc Buttercrocs Turbo Strap

Ok, we have Jibbitz shoe charms for our Crocs.   And we have Croc-A-Doodles Art Sets for our Crocs. And now we have more things for Croc Lovers…

First there’s Crocs CrocsButter “a clean croc is a happy croc” –  Specially formulated to make your Crocs look like new again. Easy to use, this cream restores original luster and shine.   Applicator Included. Crocs Butter is available from Amazon!

Then there’s Crocs Turbo Straps – Perfect for the sports and outdoor enthusiasts, the Turbo Strap adjusts for a custom fit to any existing Crocs style. This double hook ‘n loop strap replaces the existing strap on your Crocs to give you extra support and adjustability so you have the perfect fit. 6 colors available. Crocs Turbo Straps are available from Amazon!

Hmmm, even though I don’t own a pair of Crocs personally, I sure wish I had invested in some of their stock.

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