Last year when I went to New York, I took along my What’s What by Aerosoles Eyelet Slides. This year when I went, I decided I wanted a new pair of black wedge slides to pack. My Aerosoles were comfortable enough, but I felt like a tad too shiny (pic of me wearing them in NYC).

So, I found these Natural Sole by Naturalizer with SF Comfort Elements Lynton Black Leather Wedge Slides that I took along to wear walking the streets of New York City:

Unfortunately, I didn’t break them in ahead of time and ended up with a painful blister on my pinkie toe. Good thing I packed Band-Aids. The following week I ended up finding (and buying) these Skechers Cali Rumblers-Beautiful People Sandals (available from ShoeBacca, $27.99) that I wish I would’ve found a week earlier:

Yes, I know I usually loathe things between my toes, but maybe with my old age (I’m approaching the 10th anniversary of my 29th birthday this week), I’m becoming more tolerable to the toady part feeling. These Skechers are extra light weight (must be the foam midsole) and extremely comfortable with no blisters to be had (must be the neoprene straps).