Mom Gives Thumbs Up to Skechers

As you read this, I will be in New York City with my mother for Ad-Tech. Ah, the joys of WordPress being able to edit the timestamp to post in the future while away. Anyway, my mom wanted some new shoes before our trip, so she opted for these Women’s Skechers Bikers Jersey Sandals (yes, they are sandals).   And I asked her to write up a blurb on why she chose these particular shoes, and she responded…

Yes, those are the exact shoes I bought.    I thought they  were very comfortable and kind of sporty looking with my T&C shirt and slacks.   I liked the look of them right away, but was told by the salesperson that her mother had a pair and thought they were really comfortable.   That’s what really sold me.   I also have the problem  with my foot and they are soft in the back  and were comfortable all day long on my part of the foot that has the plate and screws. ~ Mom

Finding a pair of comfortable fitting shoes for my mom is not an  easy task, but this shoe sounds like a winner.   Although if a salesperson told me their mom bought some shoes I was looking it, I’d run thinking “old lady shoes”.   I hope  mom’s salesperson was a teenager!

These popular Skechers featuring a  leather upper with canvas trim, elastic bungee lacing, and modern pronged rubber outsoles are available from with Free Shipping!

[phpbay]skechers, 2[/phpbay]

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