Miz Mooz Voodoo Sweater Boots A+

Lisa Picarille is a online content strategist, an avid dog petter,
a budding soup maker, and a sneaker lover.

I’ve been looking for a new pair of black boots for the last two
months. You’d think that since boots are “the” must-have item of the
season, that I wouldn’t have such a hard time finding a pair I really
like. However, I’m pretty picky and finding boots that met all of my
criteria wasn’t any easy task.

I wanted boots that were up to the knee. They had to be black. I was
searching for a medium or lower heel. I didn’t want the trendy 80’s
style boots or any boots with a cowboy-ish heel. I also wanted to be
able to wear these boots with pants as well as skirts ““ so casual, but
not too casual.

I have many pairs of boots already, but most of them are not
comfortable enough to wear to the three-day conference I’ll be
attending in Las Vegas later this month. My current roster of boots is
big on looks, but not on real comfort. Most are great for a night out
that involves taking a cab to dinner and then spending the rest of the
evening sitting.

Oh yeah, I also have large calves and found many of the styles that
met all my other criteria, didn’t fit my muscular calves. And no
matter what – you can’t suck in your calf. Believe me, I tried.

Discouraged, I also tried specialty boots made for women with a larger
Gastrocnemius (that’s the large muscle in back of the calf), but found
most of them were too big in the calf and had way too much extra room
at the ankle. I have larger calves not cankles. Also, many of the
wide-calf boots had a weird rounded toe that I wasn’t fond of. I
didn’t want to look like I had orthopedic or military-issued boots.

Last weekend, I wandered into a boutique shoe store in my neighborhood
and saw the Miz Mooz Voodoo boots. I fell in love with them. They
didn’t have my size in stock, so I went online to search for them. Not
only did I find the Voodoo boots in my size; I found them for much
cheaper. Score for me.

The boots arrived today and they fit great. They are extremely
comfortable and I tried them on with pants and a skirt and they looked
equally as stylish with both outfits.

The thing I love about these boots is that they have a panel on both
sides of the calf that is made of a sweater-like material that offers
some stretch. The boots don’t have a zipper and often pull-on boots
that stretch end up falling down. However, the Miz Mooz Voodoo boots
also have built-in panels that are stiff enough to keep the boots
sturdy and upright. I didn’t want the slouchy boot look. I lived
through that look back in the 80’s. No need to repeat.

Anyway, I’m thrilled with my new boots and can’t wait to get out and
about – especially since these boots are stylish and definitely made
for walkin’.

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  1. I’m told Belstaff jackets are going on sale at Koodos.com from Friday and if you use the code STAYSNUG15 all coats will be 15% off until Monday at 2pm. Perfect for all this snowy weather…

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