Mixing Jewelry and Shoes

When it comes to accessorizing an outfit, many women neglect to consider how their shoes and jewelry can work together to complete a look. Perhaps this is because shoes and jewelry are usually worn on the opposite sides of the body, but if a woman wants to look put together from head to toe, then she needs to put some careful thought into how her accessories interact with each other. There are several different pairings that can work well for accessorizing, and they are each based upon the type of look that a woman is trying to achieve.

Keep it Classy For a classic look that conveys a sense of elegance, a pair of basic heels matched with a pearl necklace is ideal for almost any outfit. Keeping the heels in a single shade that matches the dress is an important part of making this look appear pulled together. If a woman is worried that this look might appear to drab, then  diamond engagement rings  can add a flashy element to this look, while also providing a focal point for others to use as a conversation starter.

Create a Dramatic Look Some women prefer to draw attention to their quirky personality or unique lifestyle by mixing up shoe and jewelry combinations. When accessorizing with the goal of standing out, classic items should be mixed with new trends. For example, a diamond necklace might be worn along with a floral print dress and combat boots. This type of pairing is not for the wall flower, as it takes a strong personality to pull this look off without looking like a disaster. In order to avoid going overboard, care should be taken to only wear one dramatic accessory at a time.

Draw Attention to a Favorite Accessory Many trendy jewelry pieces tend to be overwhelming. Therefore, the other accessories should be toned down or removed altogether. For instance, diamond engagement rings tend to draw a large amount of attention to a woman’s hand. For this reason, other rings should be removed so that it does not become too much. If a ring is the main accessory that a woman is wearing, then pairing shoes with rhinestones that match or in the same color of the stone can make sure that the ring will be noticed.

Accessories should always be planned to match not only the outfit but also each other. Jewelry and shoes can work together to provide a unique look to the person who wears them well. Pairing a classic shoe with a dramatic piece of jewelry can make the outfit exciting and set the person wearing apart in a crowd.

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