MBT Kaya Mary-Jane Shoes

Today’s Guest Post is  from Carolyn of Urban Vivant.  

MBT Women's Kaya Mary-Jane - Chocolate Nubuck - On Sale

These are NOT cute shoes.   These are not my foxy, square-toed, five inch black patent Aldo stilettos.   These are NOT my classy mahogany snakeskin Enzo peep toes.   These are a pair of posture-improving, calorie-burning, brown suede MBTs.   Super clunky and not a bit of chic.  

BUT, they are comfy.   And really, with a pair of jeans long enough to cover the orthotic looking heel, they’re not so bad.   After wearing them for three days, I do have to say that I do notice a lot less tension in my lower spine, due to the way the MBTs force you to hold yourself.   Because the sole is curved, I find my posture more aligned, as my pelvis tucks in and my shoulders go back.   It feels quite a bit like walking through sand, not particularly challenging, but noticeable.   As to whether or not they burn extra calories?   Sure, I guess anything that makes your muscles work a little harder would burn more calories, but I doubt it would add up to anything significant.

They are pricey, I got mine on sale for $160, but they normally retailed for $230.   So far, I think they’re worth the cost, just because my lower back feels so much better after a mere three days.   That’s just me though. You gotta remember, $160 can buy quite a few pairs of cute night-out shoes that make their money back in the form of free drinks. These MBTs?   They are so un-sexy, I think I would have trouble convincing my boyfriend to let me have a sip of his water.

MBT Women’s Kaya Mary-Janes in Chocolate Nubuck  are on Sale  at FootwearEtc.com for $165 with Free Shipping, regularly $250.  Each pair of MBT’s also includes a free instructional DVD. Thanks for the great post,  Carolyn!

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12 thoughts on “MBT Kaya Mary-Jane Shoes

  1. Carolyn – though they might not be sexy – they will make your tush tone – and ultimately super sexy – and so get ready to put on your low low back tank and show off what you got girl!

  2. Personally, I prefer Earth Footwear. Similar to walking on an inclined treadmill, you can feel your legs working harder as soon as you start walking!! And, with so many styles to choose from, there is something for everyone.

  3. I purchased a pair of the MBT Shoes called the M.Walk. When I received them, I was a bit thrown back on how weird they looked. They looked clunky and huge. I put them on and was instantly feeling weird. They rock back and forth, due to the curved sole. But after a few minutes of wearing these MBT’s, I became used to the weird motion and began to walk around. They actually felt really good. Walking felt better from some reason. As you walk, the shoe actually propels you in a correct fashion. When standing still, you feel more upright and my back felt more straight. I paid a lot for them, but thus far, pain seems to be going down and I feel a bit better. Worth the investment.

  4. Well, just ordered a pair of MBT’s on sale, thanks for the recommendation! I’m excited about trying them, I have fibromyalgia, arthritis in my knees, & my medical provider just diagnosed shin splints & recommended water exercise versus too much walking. I prefer walking, so am hoping these will help. Thank you for the idea.

  5. try these new sandals called swamisz -they dont work out your leg the same way but they do stimulate a pressure point in the foot to relieve fatigue and enhance concentration. they’re also super comfortable and modelled after an ancient yoga shoe.

  6. I bought some MBT trainers about 2 months ago. I wear them for approximately 1hr of walking 3 times a week and so far have dropped a whole dress size (nearly 2). Just for the record I did the walking prior to the MBT’s anyway so the only thing I have changed is my shoe. I haven’t changed my eating at all either but my legs, bum and tum have all toned up with no extra effort. I have also lost 13lbs in weight. I used to suffer with terrible back pain. Not any more. Yes they are expensive but they are sooooo worth it.

  7. I bought those shoes at the store you mentioned. They were on sale for $130 (which made the purchase a lot easier). They are not very stylish, but they are surprisingly comfortable. So comfortable I ended up buying another pair in a different style.

  8. I got my first pair of MBT Walk about 15 months ago, as I suffer from a very bad knee and need a replacement I thought they might help with the pain until I get it done. It took a while to get used to them but now I wear them all the time and don’t bother with any other type of shoes. I am also able to go back to aerobic classes which I thought I would never be able to do. But the best thing is Iam not rushing into having the operation until many many years away, if at all ( Iam only 48). They are expensive, but worth every single penny! As I say, they do take some getting used to but perservere, it is worth it. And by the way, I love the way they look and am looking for another pair.

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