Today’s Guest Post is  from Carolyn of Urban Vivant.  

MBT Women's Kaya Mary-Jane - Chocolate Nubuck - On Sale

These are NOT cute shoes.   These are not my foxy, square-toed, five inch black patent Aldo stilettos.   These are NOT my classy mahogany snakeskin Enzo peep toes.   These are a pair of posture-improving, calorie-burning, brown suede MBTs.   Super clunky and not a bit of chic.  

BUT, they are comfy.   And really, with a pair of jeans long enough to cover the orthotic looking heel, they’re not so bad.   After wearing them for three days, I do have to say that I do notice a lot less tension in my lower spine, due to the way the MBTs force you to hold yourself.   Because the sole is curved, I find my posture more aligned, as my pelvis tucks in and my shoulders go back.   It feels quite a bit like walking through sand, not particularly challenging, but noticeable.   As to whether or not they burn extra calories?   Sure, I guess anything that makes your muscles work a little harder would burn more calories, but I doubt it would add up to anything significant.

They are pricey, I got mine on sale for $160, but they normally retailed for $230.   So far, I think they’re worth the cost, just because my lower back feels so much better after a mere three days.   That’s just me though. You gotta remember, $160 can buy quite a few pairs of cute night-out shoes that make their money back in the form of free drinks. These MBTs?   They are so un-sexy, I think I would have trouble convincing my boyfriend to let me have a sip of his water.

MBT Women’s Kaya Mary-Janes in Chocolate Nubuck  are on Sale  at for $165 with Free Shipping, regularly $250.  Each pair of MBT’s also includes a free instructional DVD. Thanks for the great post,  Carolyn!

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