Marshalls Shoe MegaShop: Black Bearpaw Boots

Marshalls sent me a gift card to check out their new Shoe MegaShop!   I was in Omaha last week with  one of my daughters for a  doctor’s appointment, so we just had to go shoe shopping! I must say I was impressed with the name-brand selection of shoes!   You can even take a virtual tour of their new Shoe MegaShop online!

Macy in Bearpaw Boots  BearPaw Suede Shearling Lined 10-inch Boot

Although I found many shoes that I would have liked to purchase for myself, my daughter has been wanting some Ugg Knock-offs.   So I let her use the gift card to purchase some Bearpaw Suede Shearling Lined Black Boots.

It appears that Marshalls doesn’t have an online store  (yet anyway). So if you’d like these comfortable (and teen approved) Bearpaw boots, they are available at a Marshalls instore for less than half the cost of real Uggs or available online from

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7 thoughts on “Marshalls Shoe MegaShop: Black Bearpaw Boots

  1. I am looking for girls Robeez for my 3 granddaughters. You had some last year in the Sawgrass store, Do you still have them any where?

  2. im looking for a pair of sandals that i had lost one , and they were “AEROSOLES” im pretty sure i purchased them at MARSHALLS. but i just cant seem to find them, they r so comfy and cool,, HELP!!!!
    THEY ARE A SLIP ON SEMI WEDGED Sandal, with only a 2 in. thick darrk , blood red color across the top of foot,, any one know what im talking about?????

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