Martiny – Love it or Hate it?

There are times when I cannot decide if  I like something or not? I know that sounds odd, but this  Steve Madden Martiny chic open-toe gladiator style bootie is a perfect example of that thought. I would love to try on this shoe, or is it a boot, not sure what to call it?  Something about the  Split straps grabs my attention plus the 3 1/2 inch heel is perfect, yet I’m just not sure.   So does anyone else ever have this odd  feeling on  not being able to decide if you love it or hate it?

 Steven by Steve Madden ‘Martiny’ Bootie available at

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3 thoughts on “Martiny – Love it or Hate it?

  1. lol at above.
    i think the middle is very weird… if its a thick strap in the middle and not like a cut-out booties, that wud make this pair of gladiator heels much lovable.

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