Leopard Print Platform Sandals

The leopard print heel should be a basic in any girl’s wardrobe, and it’s never been cuter in the versions popping up for spring and summer.   To get the look yourself, try pairing some sexy leopard print wedges, platform heels, or flats with unexpected pieces.

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With Hot Mixed Prints:

Take your favorite jungle print top or crazy floral short shorts, and try mixing it with some leopard print wedges or platform heels. The key to mixing prints is making sure that pieces are within the same color family. Look for prints in warm hues, like brown, red, peach, or gold. The easiest way to mix prints it to lay the pieces next to each other and see if they complement or clash.

With Bright Skinnies:

There is nothing hotter than extra tight skinnies in a pop-worthy color paired with anything leopard print. Check out your closet or head out to buy a pair in some of spring’s freshest colors, like coral, tangerine, and navy.

With Light Denim:

Leopard print is always awesome paired with any kind of denim, but lighten it up a bit for spring and go with a washed out style. A denim men’s style button down and a pair of shorts looks fresh and chic with a leopard flat or wedge

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