Kurt Cobain Converse All Star

Chuck Taylor All Star Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain’s writings and drawings live on with these Converse limited-edition Kurt Cobain Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas Sneakers.   Since Converse was the official sneaker of Kurt Cobain (he even wore them when he took his life), widow Courtney Love struck a deal with Converse to release  the tribute shoes for Converse’s 100th anniversary. The canvas upper is detailed with Cobain’s  artwork including a guitar, Nivana Seahorse and a smile. Available from Converse.com –  $49.99

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One thought on “Kurt Cobain Converse All Star

  1. Those shoes with Cobain’s scrawlings are f*cking hideous. I could save myself about fifty bucks by drawing on my own canvas shoes with a Sharpie. I’ll stick to the man’s music instead.

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