Knock-off Ugg Sunburst Boots

Ugg Women's Sunburst

Do you love the Ugg Sunburst, the new version of Ugg’s classic Sundance boot, but don’t like the $200+ price tag? (available from and Amazon).   Save 85% below…

Love My Shoes Sister Boots

These Sister by Styluxe cute and cozy round toe flat boots with a fabric upper and faux fur lining and trim are only $30.99 at!

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2 thoughts on “Knock-off Ugg Sunburst Boots

  1. There are a few cute knockoffs. I have a few pair in my boutiqe as well. But nothing like the real shearlings. I have genuine Aussie-made shearling boots in my store. They are much nicer than the brand that you see everyone wearings – and ladies those boots are mass-produced in CHINA now. Check them out. Better quality shearling, great colors and great prices. Indigo Sky NY

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