Kim’s Pink Mary Jane Crocs

Kim' Pink Mary Jane Crocs

I seriously didn’t think I would ever known a pair of Crocs. But I’m a sucker for sales,  my second fave shoe choice behind mules would be mary-janes,  and  my favorite color is pink.   So, you see what I bought last week above – yep, two pairs of pink Mary Jane Crocs (one fuschia, the other pearl pink). They were on clearance for only $6.66 at Herberger’s so how could I resist?   They only come in  whole sizes (I’m  a 7.5) and they say  “half sizes please order the next size up” but the size 7 fit way better than the size 8, so I went with them.    I’ve wore each color once (while my daughters rolled their eyes at me), and I  have to admit <shudder> that they are pretty comfortable.   I can see though why schools are banning them as they could easily be punctured on the playground.

Kim at Croc store

Then last week while touring Boston, I got to  visit an actual Crocs store, where they were selling the exact same shoes I bought for $29.99 each.  I can’t find them cheaper anywhere online either, so  I obviously got a good deal!

Photo of me courtesy of Mr. Jon Levine
Pink Support New York Affiliates Tshirt courtesy of

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3 thoughts on “Kim’s Pink Mary Jane Crocs

  1. MS. KIM:
    Maybe it’s time to admit to yourself you have a spending addiction: you’ll buy ANYTHING.


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