Kim needs help with her shoe closet

I recently moved two doors down, and I’m still unpacking and organizing everything. I actually downsized in terms of bedrooms (went from six to five) and bathrooms (went from four to three), but I was ecstatic to find out my new master closet and pantry are actually bigger than my previous house which means more shoes and stockpiling! So, here’s my dilemma with my master closet (besides the fact that the carpet smells like pet urine, but I’m getting that replaced)…

I had these three shoe cubicles stacked up vertically in my old closet. They each hold 25 pairs (5 x 5 cubbies), and I bought them from either Walmart or Target for like $29.99 each. As you can see from the picture, I thought I’ll just buy three more to have double the shoe storage!   Well, I can’t find them anywhere now (it’s 5 years later), and I’ve searched online as well tried searching Google, Amazon, eBay and

So, what’s a shoe addict like me to do now? Anyone know where I can get the same shoe cubbies now?   I did find some 15 slot (3 x 5) ClosetMaid 15-Cube Laminate Shoe Organizers, but I’d have to buy 5 of them at $37.99 each. So do I want to invest $200 into my master closet? I guess if I laid off buying a couple new pairs of shoes… What would you do?

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2 thoughts on “Kim needs help with her shoe closet

  1. Special thanks to Lani who emailed me that Lowe’s carries the ClosetMaid 25-Cube Organizer! Of course, the price has raised to $48.97 now, so I’m still going to have to shell out $150, but I think it will be so worth it!

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