Kim Loves Her Mules

I ran into Herberger’s quick for Clinique’s Bonus Days.   And I just had to browse through the shoes….

I came away with Life Stride’s Judith Slings in Black and Vanilla. Honestly, I’ll probably never wear them unless I have a wedding to attend this spring, but they were such a good deal that I couldn’t resist.   I’m sure my girls will have fun using them for dress-up.   But I do like the Italian Shoemaker fashion clog / mules I got and will wear them for sure. If you are an avid reader of mine, you will know that I love mules!

[phpbay]italian shoemaker, 1[/phpbay]

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2 thoughts on “Kim Loves Her Mules

  1. I just realized that I wrote the above post over two years ago, and I have to admit I’ve never worn either pair of the slingbacks I bought! But I’ve worn the clogs many, many times, so I think that justifies the whole purchase! 🙂

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