Kenzie and Kim are Keen

Kenzie Patchwork ClogsAt the airport, on my way to Denver to see my boyfriend, I sat by a lady with the cutest patchwork clogs that I would love to have!   We got to talking, and she commented that she was a shoeaholic, too! And her favorite shoe  brand is Keen.   These particular shoes are made by Kenzie,  and I have searched everywhere online,  but they are no longer available.   Darn it.  

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3 thoughts on “Kenzie and Kim are Keen

  1. I’ve been trying to find some patchwork clogs myself, ever since I saw an ad for a women’s pair over 30 years ago…I do own 2 pair of patchworks slides (blue denim and brown leather) from D&G

  2. I am a huge fan of Kenzie shoes. Bobbi Blu took over. My Carsons and Macys use to carry this brand but don’t anymore. I wonder why. They are the cutest shoes ever.

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