Keen Comfort

My daughter Ali placed  high enough at districts to qualify her for the state golf tournament. So on Monday and Tuesday last week,  I followed her playing 36 holes of golf, and my feet were killing me. I was telling another parent about it, and she said “Here, try  these on as they are the best.”

Well she was right, the comfort of this Keen Seattle Shoe was unbelievable. I think the ad saying all-day comfort is right on the money. The MaryJane is even kind of cute and I would actually spend the money on these. And of course I would go with the red (aka Garnet).

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One thought on “Keen Comfort

  1. Keens are awesome, I discovered them a couple of years ago while on Zappos. I ended up buying several pairs, wore them to work for 12 hour shifts, always stayed comfortable. They get comments, too. People tend to ask about them, or comment if they are into Keens. You get used to the look really fast when your feet are that comfortable. The ones in your picture are so cute. I had to wear all black for my job, so “cute” couldn’t be used to describe them, really. but the comfort is all there.

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