Just the Right Shoe Calendar

Just the Right Shoe 2009 Desk Calendar

Remember last year for Christmas  my brother gave me the Page-A-Day Shoe Calendar that I then  converted into two shoe  poster collages? Well, this year he gave me this Just the Right Shoe 2009 Desk Calendar, and I love it!  

On the Prowl, Pointedly Wicked, Glitter Glam, and Solar Heat. These are just some of the exquisite miniature collectible shoes designed by artist Raine for the Just the Right Shoe line and featured in this calendar. Whether sexy stilettos, sophisticated boots, funky wedges, or cool sandals, these darling little gems have incredible attention to detail and fulfill every woman’s shoe fantasies. This gorgeous and sophisticated calendar is filled with original sketches by Raine modeled after her miniature collectible shoe line and done in her trademark whimsical style. Each weekly spread features a beautiful sketch accompanied by a quote about shoes. The image on the hard cover is beautifully embossed and adorned with jewels.

Available from Amazon.com.   Squeak also gave me some cool “shoe stuff”  including shoe stationary and shoe hankies with the words “Stimulating the economy one shoe sale at a time!” Love it!

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2 thoughts on “Just the Right Shoe Calendar

  1. Hi!

    I am searching diligently for two of the Just the Right Shoes by Raine. They are Item #25120 – “On the Prowl” (a black panther) and item #25122 – “Lone Wolf” (the wolf). I am desparate to find these two. Please, please, please let me know if you have these two or can obtain these two. I will pay any REASONABLE price for them. Please contact me ASAP

    Thanks so much for your time and attention.

    Alecia Cole

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