Jessica Simpson Knock-offs?

KORS Michael Kors BleekerJessica Simpson Gali

Do these espadrille peep-toe wedges not look strikingly similar?
KORS Michael Kors – Bleeker (Black Vacchetta)  , $169 on sale (reg $199) at
Jessica Simpson –  Gali (Black Kid),  $54 on sale (reg $93) at

Christian Louboutin silver satin 'Lady' strappy evening sandals Jessica Simpson - Olivera (Silver Suede Metallic) - Footwear

Christian Louboutin silver satin ‘Lady’ strappy evening sandals, $488 on sale (reg $610) at  
Jessica Simpson – Olivera (Silver Suede Metallic), $48.60 on sale (reg $83)  at
Ok, so Jess’s are missing the signature red sole, but I think I could sacrifice that to pay only 10% of the price.

If you can’t tell the difference, why pay the difference?   Hmmm, isn’t that a motto for some store?

[phpbay]Jessica Simpson, 2[/phpbay]

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5 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Knock-offs?

  1. Her shoes are amazing, I don’t care if she knocks off designers. They are the most comfortable heels, and of high quality. I LOVE HER SHOES!

  2. Yea, she does knock off designers… But alot of designers are too expensive for most people, and I think its great she makes a midrange shoe so people can still look great if they like a nice pair of shoes they cant afford.

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