Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Platform Pumps

I first discovered these Iron Fist Women’s Zombie Stomper Platform Pumps over on the website, where their writers usually blog about geeky gadgets and Geek Shirts and other geeky stuff. Now I wouldn’t consider these frightful pumps to be “geeky” per se, but actually more scary! I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in the these lime green and hot pink zombie printed platform peeptoe pumps, but would maybe considered wearing them as part of a Halloween costume. And the black bow on the heel is an added touch. Maybe they could be part of a witch costume?

I had never even heard of the Iron First brand name until seeing these shoes, but it appears they not only make hundreds of other “scary” shoes designs, such as high heel skull boots, gold embossed wedge boots, sugar witch ballet flats, nightmare red pumps, and many, many styles, but they also make handbags, purses and wallets in the same “freaky” designs, which are all available at Some of the designs even remind me of knock-off Ed Hardy designs.

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3 thoughts on “Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Platform Pumps

  1. I’ve been a devotee of Iron Fist for years now and I can tell you that they’re one of the best brands out there. You shouldn’t disparage them based on how they look. They’re not just “scary”.

    I found this review to be somewhat offensive.

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