International Shoe Lovers Rejoice

Most online shoe stores like Shoemall, Zappos and offer free shipping, but living in the US myself, I regrettably fail to mention that the free shipping offers are for usually for US states and territories only. If they do ship internationally at all, they tend charge outrageous shipping fees. international package forwarding service!Since my website statistics show that we have a lot of readers in Australia, the Philippines and several European countries, I’ve found a solution for my international friends – Check out international package forwarding service!

Access USA / allows you to shop from all of your favorite online stores, even if they do not ship overseas. How does it work?

1. Sign up for your own U.S. Mailing address.
2. Have any purchases and/or mail sent to your new U.S. address.
3. View your items online. Then request to forward/ship those items when and where you want to anywhere in the world!

Being in business since 1997, Access USA appears to be the leader in mail and packaging forwarding. They receive packages on your behalf, then consolidate the merchandise, repack, prepare all necessary customs paperwork and ship to you overseas. And their shipping rates are much better than the published DHL or FedEx rates.

When my kids are grown, my goal is travel around the world. Don’t worry I’ll bring my laptop along and still blog. But I think will be a lifesaver for me, not only for for mail, but to keep my shoe fetish fed!

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3 thoughts on “International Shoe Lovers Rejoice

  1. I agree that the process Access USA provides is a great one. However, I have found a better company. They are called Bongo Interntional

    Bongo provides the same service as Access USA, but they have better technology and no hidden fees. Access charges you $8 for every commercial invoice (needed on all international shipments), and $3 for each box you consolidate. These are free with Bongo. They also charge $2.00 for insurance where Bongo only charges $0.70.

    Lastly and probably most important is that Bongo lists every item in my order so I am able to know that my order was fulfilled correctly. Access only tells me that my box arrived. They don’t tell me what is in it.

    Either way, the process is awesome and it has opened up my eyes to what the states have to offer. Selection in AU is about 10% of what it is in the USA.

  2. Hi all,

    I just wanted to clarify some of the comments above:
    * does not charge for commercial invoices
    * shows you exactly what’s on any packing slips
    * shipping rates are less expensive

    Some things to consider about the other company:
    * The minimum insurance is $2.75, regardless of the rate
    * Storage looks expensive there – one page on their website says $5/day after 30 days. Another page says $5/week after $45 days.
    * You pay 3 months of membership fees when you sign up. That’s $45 out of your pocket.
    * The “no monthly fee” option has very expensive shipping, $50 or more for a single package of one pound.

    Happy shoe shopping to everyone, everywhere! Member Services

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