“Hey You! Hey! Over here! Yes, there you are! You found me!”

“Yes, just look at me. I’m that perfect pair of shoes. I’m the ones that you’ve been looking for. I’m comfortable but oh so sexy, I’ll make your feet look great and yet I’ll never pinch your little toes. You know what I’m talking about; I’m your dream pair of shoes.”

Do shoes talk to you? Don’t be ashamed to admit it. There is nothing wrong with having a love for shoes. Shoes are a basic requirement for functioning in most modern worlds, so why not wear ones that look and feel great on your feet.

Stop Being Grumpy

Nothing can make your day go worse than having a pair of ill-fitting shoes. You end up grumpy (that’s putting it politely for some of the attitudes) and your feet cry out for relief from the torture of wearing shoes that just don’t fit right. Stop being one of those people that will cram your feet into a beautiful pair of shoes just because they look absolutely wonderful and it’s the last pair, on sale or you got them shopping online. You are the one who has to endure the pain for the short and long term of wearing shoes that don’t fit right. Instead, reward your hardworking feet with beautiful shoes that fit wear and make you feel like one of the luckiest people alive.

Know Your Size

Learning your correct shoe size is one of the most important thing that you can do when shoe shopping. Well that and knowing that all brands of shoes fit and are sized differently. Knowing these details makes not only in store shopping easier (because you can try on fewer shoes of the same kind which gives you time to try on more styles) but in it helps with online shopping. And everyone knows that anyone who loves shoes wants to shop online. The selections are awesome and there are so many choices to choose. The disadvantage is you just don’t get to check them out on your feet before buying.

Get Measured

To make things easier, get your feet measured. Many shoe stores have foot-measuring tools; don’t be afraid to ask to have it done. Yes, you can always go the trial route(unless you’re shopping online) and try on ones until you figure out what fits but often getting them measured correctly will give you more insight such as if your feet are wide or narrow. It’s not just the length that is important for picking out shoes but the width as well. Knowing both the length and width can help when ordering shoes online (still doesn’t always work because some brands don’t give you the width) because you can use the listed shoe sizing charts.

Try Them On (Or Know the Return Policy)

Trying on the brands you are considering always makes it easier when shopping for online shoes. Try to stick to shoe brands you already know or own. Unfortunately, the majority of shoes are all sized differently depending on what country the designer is from or where they are manufactured so there is no standard sizing, regardless of you thinking a size 7 should be a size 7 in every brand. If you find a pair you really like and have the time, go to a brick and mortar store that carries the brand to give it a try. If you don’t or can’t, check out the store’s return policy (several of the larger online shoes store have free returns, something wonderful to celebrate for the online shoe shopper).

Know Your Body

Finally, know your body. You might ask, “why does this affect me, I’m shoe shopping?” The truth is body details such as a large calf, short or long legs, plump feet and other details work to determine what types and styles of shoes will look great on you. Picking out shoes either online or in the store is easier when you know your body and its details because you will learn to avoid certain styles and designs that just don’t flatter you. Instead, spend your time looking good and feeling great by trying on ones that look great on you. Nothing is a bigger downer than trying on shoe designs (or clothing for that matter) that just doesn’t work with your body details. There are too many options out there to spend time on the ones that don’t fit well on you.

So enjoy your shoe addiction. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed by it, rejoice in all the show choices available. Allow the shoes to talk to you and listen to your feet; they’ll let you know what works on your body. There really is nothing like the feeling of knowing you look and feel great in your shoes to give you the ultimate confidence boost.