I’ll Never Overcome My Shoe Addiction

I was at Herberger’s today, and I just about bought a pair of Aerosole Gift Snap Shoes  that Squeak blogged about a couple of months ago and I’ve been envious of.    They were on clearance for under $30, but they only had one pair in my size, and the heel was all scuffed up, so I figured that was a sign not to get them.   Well, now I’m re-thinking and may go back to see if they are still available as they are all sold out at Aerosoles.com (and selling for $65).   I saw a pair of Merona Abigail Buckle Mules at Target that were near-replicas, but I could tell the leather wasn’t quite as soft and wouldn’t be quite as comfortable. But for $22.99, I could live with them as well.   But I did end up buying a pair of sandals and a pair of espadrilles at Walmart today  that I didn’t really need…

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