Ideas for Shoes That Work as Hard as You Do

Ideas for Shoes That Work as Hard as You Do
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Ideas for Shoes That Work as Hard as You Do

Whether they’re for a special date or to hit the gym, two of the most important factors to consider when choosing a new pair of shoes are style and comfort. But how do you factor that in when you have to get new shoes for work? Investing in the right pair of shoes is crucial, considering that many jobs require standing for more than half the workday.

If you need to spend a lot of time on your feet at work, finding the right pair can feel overwhelming at best. From work boots to nursing shoes to stylishly comfortable footwear, check out some of these shoe style ideas for people whose jobs involves lots of standing and walking.

Think About Yourself for a Change

We may not be talking about clothes, but don’t be afraid to “tailor” your shoes to fit your needs.

Think about what you want from your shoes. You know what your feet need, what your style preferences are, what your job requires, and what dress code you have to follow. One pair of work shoes won’t work for every position or even every person in the same position.

Some Shoes for Thought

If you’re standing in the same place for extended periods of time, like a cashier or barista, you might want to consider a tall boot or bootie that provides support to your ankles. They’re a great option because they’re comfortable, versatile, and incredibly trendy.

Do you spend most of your day walking around outside? Avoid a heavy pair, but consider lighter, sleeker work boots. For a position that involves dealing with all kinds of weather, like a mail carrier or construction worker, make sure they’re water resistant!

If most of your walking is indoors, like in a hospital, think about a non-slip variety with extra cushioning. Whether you’re a busy nurse or recovering from hernia surgery, be kind to your feet! Even if you’re not, shoes designed for healthcare professionals have plenty of benefits and valuable features.

Final Tips

There are plenty of cute, stand-all-day shoes available, but if you have to choose between comfort or style, pick comfort! You’ll be so miserable for that 8-hour shift with sore feet that you won’t appreciate how cute your shoes are.

If you’re required to wear a certain type of shoe for your job, like non-slip shoes at a grocery store or restaurant, try to pick a style or color that you like. Work with the rules to bring some joy to your day. You always have the chance to show off your personality with your shoes, even if there are some limitations.

If you’re lucky enough to have free rein over what shoes you can wear at work, pick a pair that you’ll actually wear. Find something that will match multiple work outfits and don’t hurt your feet. Set yourself up for a successful day at work every time you put them on!

At the end of the day, you already work hard. Let your shoes do some of the work for you.

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